High CPM advertising network

facilitating traffic exchange for both buying and selling.

Uniting publishers, affiliates, website and app owners, media buyers, and advertisers.


We provide

Exceptional monetization

Opportunities for both websites and apps.

Swift payouts

Available within 48 hours through various withdrawal methods.

High-quality traffic

For diverse advertising campaigns

Efficient optimization tools

To streamline the advertising workflow.

Elevate business with targeted ads.

Thematic Traffic from Various Categories





Games and Mobile Apps

Health and Medicine


Loyalty Programs

Includes cashback and post-payment.

Protocol Integration

Progamatic XML/JSON and oRTB

24/7 Support

Dedicated managers guide you at every step.


Active Sites and App


Billion Potential Monthly Customers


Targeting Options for Precision Marketing

Maximize ad revenue with Our Hexagon Tech.

Protocol Integration


24/7 Support

Dedicated managers for personalized assistance.

High Profit
Quick Payouts
Worldwide Coverage
Moderated Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For advertisers

    1.What types of traffic can you purchase from us?

    We provides traffic from push notifications, in-page push widgets, popup & popunder ads, catering to both mobile and desktop platforms.

    2. How do you launch an advertising campaign with us?

    Launching a campaign is straightforward! Simply register as an advertiser, fund your account balance, and create your first ad campaign. Once approved through our quick moderation process, you'll start receiving traffic promptly.

    3. How long does campaign moderation take?

    On average, our moderation process takes no more than 15 minutes.

    4. What is the minimum deposit amount?

    The minimum deposit amount is $50.

    5. Can I create blacklists for campaigns?

    Yes, our system allows you to create blacklists globally for your entire account or for individual campaigns.

    6. Do you offer postbacks?

    Yes, we provide postbacks to enhance convenience and optimize your spending by automatically adjusting sources for your advertising campaigns.

  • For publishers

    1. How can I make money using your system?

    It's very simple! Register as a webmaster, take the special ad code in your cabinet and place it on your resources. Visitors will see ads broadcast through our network, and you'll earn revenue from views and clicks.

    2. Is there a referral program available?

    Yes, we offer a referral system. We express our gratitude for invitations and support referral payments of 7% of the earnings of the referred webmaster.

    3. What kinds of traffic are accepted?

    We accept traffic from all over the world. Your site must comply with our rules.

    4. Is there a traffic redirection feature available?

    Yes, you can specify a link in the cabinet, where all the traffic we don't buy will go.

    5. How frequently are payouts issued?

    We have regular payments on Mondays, and can also pay on request at any time.

    6. What is the minimum payout threshold?

    The minimum amount to be paid is $20.

    7. Are there any fees associated with withdrawals?

    We don't take commissions.